The Film


The Film
Lola's Berlin

It's summer in Berlin. Manni and Lola are a young couple. Manni works as a security guard for a criminal doing shady deals with cars. But Lola misses to pick him up, so he has to go by subway where he loses the plastic bag with all the money while fleeing from inspectors. He has got 20 minutes left to get hold of 100,000 marks, because at 12 a.m. his boss, Ronnie, wants to have the money. Manni calls Lola in this desperate situation. She has got an idea and Lola runs...

Lola Franka Potente
Manni Moritz Bleibtreu
Papa Herbert Knaup
Jutta Hansen Nina Petri
Norbert von Au (The Tramp) Joachim Król
Schuster (guard) Armin Rohde
Herr Meier (in the car) Ludger Pistor
Frau Jäger Suzanne von Borsody
Kruse (The Teller) Lars Rudolph
Doris (Woman w/ baby-stroller) Julia Lindig
Mike (man on bike) Sebastian Schipper
Ronnie Heino Ferch
Mama Ute Lubosch
Blind Woman Monica Bleibtreu
Old Woman Dora Raddy
Ambulance Driver Volkhart Buff
Casino-Manager Utz Krause
Exchange Woman Beate Finckh
Ambulance Man Andreas Petri

Screenplay & Director:Tom Tykwer
Cinematography:Frank Griebe
Editor:Mathilde Bonnefoy
Music:Tom Tykwer/Johnny Klimek/Reinhold Heil
Sound Recording:Frank Behnke
Sound Mixer:Matthias Lempert
Costume Design:Monika Jacobs
Art Director:Alexander Manasse
Animation:Gil Alkabetz
Executive Producers:Ralph Brosche
 Maria Köpf
Producer:Stefan Arndt
Production Company: X-Filme Creative Pool GmbH
Shooting Time:June to August 1997
Budget:3 Million Marks