The Film
Lola's Berlin

"Hey, what do you look like!
You've been running...? Don't worry, everything's allright."

Manni to Lola at the end of "Running Three" 1

Lola needs 100,000 marks for Manni...
Tom needs 3 million for Lola.

Tom Tykwer in an interview 1

...since a long time I had an image in mind,
the image of a woman with flaming hair, who is
running on and on desperately and determinedly.

Tom Tykwer on the origin of "Lola rennt" 1

You don't eat anymore, you don't want to see anyone,
read the screenplay at once and know
only this: I want to play that character.
That was my first encounter with "Lola rennt".

Franka Potente in an interview 2

"Come on. Help me! Please. Just this
time. I will just keep on running, okay?
I'm waiting... I'm waiting. I'm waiting!"

Lola in "Running Three" 1

"Saying Good-bye to her was hard for me.
We have something in common: this determined pragmatism.
After the shooting, when I was finally allowed to wash
my hair again, the whole red was washed out,
and Franka appeared again. That was quite painful."

Franka Potente on Lola 3


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