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Every day, every second you make a decision that can change your life.

"Here we go..."

Lola wins Gold at the German Movie Awards 1999

  • Movie Award for Frank Griebe, Cinematography
  • Movie Award for Mathilde Bonnefoy, Editor
  • Movie Award for Nina Petri, Best Supporting Actress
  • Movie Award for Herbert Knaup, Best Supporting Actor
  • Audience Award for "Lola rennt", German Movie of the Year
  • Audience Award for Franka Potente, Actress of the Year
  • Movie Award for Tom Tykwer, Director
  • Movie Award for "Lola rennt", Best Movie

"Run Lola run" is not just another movie. It's an outstanding piece of art, full of surprises, entertaining in every second, with thought-out cinematography, fantastic soundtrack, and of course ingenious actors, breathtaking and yet sensitive, a "romantic-philosophic ActionLoveExperimentalThriller", as Tom Tykwer put it. It's plain and simple: The best movie I've ever seen. I was sitting in my cinema chair and kept thinking: "WOW!". That's why I made this fanpage.

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